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A barrier function method for minimax problems by E Polak PDF

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By E Polak

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According to Fischler, food distin­g uishes itself from other typo­lo­g ies of consump­t ion because, once incor­por­ated into the organ­ism, it becomes part of the self (Fischler, 1980: 948). Fischler (1980) iden­t i­fies the increas­ing influ­ence of the global market on social life and the tend­ency to consume stand­a rd­ized and anonym­ous food as distinct­ive traits of modern society. He coins the concept of “gastro-­a nomia” to describe the consumers’ aliment­a ry anxiety as an oppress­ive condi­t ion result­ing from their lack of aware­ness of the contents of their food.

Since she joined the Institut Paul Bocuse in September 2009, she has been taking part in the devel­op­ment of research activ­it­ies and meth­od­o­lo­g ies, the coordin­a­t ion of projects and the academic activ­it­ies of the Institut Paul Bocuse. She also teaches courses on exper­i­mental econom­ics, and food consumer research in various univer­sit­ies, engin­eer­ing and busi­ness schools in France. Her main area of research is beha­v i­oural econom­ics, with a focus on the study of consumer decisions, beha­v iours and economic pref­er­ences related to food in out-­of-home contexts.

Conclusion The model proposed by the ecov­il­lages, as an altern­at­ive to the contem­por­ary economic system of growth, is based on a life­style inspired by an ethic of sobri­ety and frugal­ity. This life­style arises from the will of ques­t ion­ing ourselves about the nature of human needs in order to reduce, or at least recon­sider them, given the fragil­ity of our ecosys­tem and the needs of our planet. These life choices are char­ac­ter­ized by a strong eco-­prag­mat­ism, which aims to restore a rela­t ion­ship of close­ness with the earth, start­ing from the self-­produc­t ion of food and then recre­at­ing a rela­t ion­ship of solid­ar­ity and trust at all levels of exist­ence: aliment­a­t ion, housing, society, inter­per­sonal rela­t ion­ships, and the achieve­ment of a complete self-­suffi­ciency.

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