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By Grant Illion Butterbaugh

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IX, p. 600, quoting SEFER HASIDIM, p. 33; cf. Deut. xxv. ) This probably accounts for the roving propensities of the Jews. Brownie: A benevolent spirit or goblin of shaggy appearance, supposed to haunt old houses, especially farm-houses in Scotland, and sometimes to perform useful household work while the family is asleep. (See HAZLITT, P. ”—SCOTT, Ministr. Bord. Brunhilde: In the Nibelungenlied, a young and stalwart queen, a Valkyrie, whom Siegfried, making himself invisible by means of the Tarnkappe, wins and tames for Gunther.

IV, p. ) Bishamon: Jap. Myth. ), represented as being in complete armour and carrying a spear. Bittern: The cry of a bittern foretells some misfortune, probably death. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. 1, p. ) Biu: In Egypt they have usually hawks’ or jackals’ heads; but some biu are entirely birds. Blaakula: Like Blocksberg of the Germans, it was the favourite resort of the Swedish witches. , p. 112; ENNEMOSER, Hist. , Vol. II, p. ) Black: Black denotes death and guilt; therefore the Devil is always black. (STRACKERJAN, Vol.

They were exterminated in a furious battle by the Lapithes. Poets have regarded them as monsters, half human and half horse. Cerberus: Class. Myth. A dog, described by Hesiod as fifty-headed, and by later writers as three-headed, with a serpent’s tail and serpents about his body, guarding the entrance of the infernal regions. cf. Garm. Ceres : Rom. Myth. Daughter of Saturn and Cybele, the Latin goddess of agriculture. She was later identified with the Greek Demeter. Vide Corn Spirit. Chair: If three chairs be accidentally placed in a row, a death will occur either in the house or in the family.

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