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Download e-book for iPad: A Gathering of Stones (Drinker of Souls Book 3) by Jo Clayton

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By Jo Clayton

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Had something happened to Yaril that was connected to their homeplace? “Caves,” he said; he seemed to taste the word like hard candy on the tongue. “Caves. We love them because they’re terrifying, Bramble. ” He poured more wine in his glass, tilted it and watched the rich red sliding down the curve. “Yaro and me, we were poking about some mountains, the Dhia Dautas, if you want the name, and we found this set of caves. Splendid caves, Bramble. Shining caves. We went a little crazy. Just a little.

At the end of that time another God-the Chained God-meddled in her life and drew her into his scheme to acquire the Great Talisman BinYAHtii, using as instruments KORI PIYOLSS and the sorceror/king SETTSIMAKSIMIN along with the sorceror Ahzurdan and the out-reality starman Daniel Akamarino. In the final battle between Brann and Settsimaksimin, the God acquired the Talisman, Settsimaksimin’s heart gave out and he nearly died. Because she’d found much that was admirable in her enemy-disregarding a little thing like repeated attempts to kill her-Brann healed the wounds BinYAHtii had inflicted on him and the weakness in his heart; having saved his life, she carried him off to a lovely island (Jal Virri) in the heart of the Myk’tat Tukery where they spent the next ten years in friendship and peace.

Surprised? ” The word was drawn out and ended in a chuckle. “Seriously, Thornlet, how quiet do you want to keep this? If I start operating around here, there’ll be notice taken. Official notice. ” “Security, Brann. Kukurul’s boast. ,, “Use your head. ” He closed his eyes and looked wary. ” She flipped a hand in an impatient gesture. “Can you work here? ” “Words are my tools, all I need,” he said. “Little Danny Blue explained that, remember? ” He smiled at her, his irritation smoothed away by hers.

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A Gathering of Stones (Drinker of Souls Book 3) by Jo Clayton

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