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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

ISBN-10: 0441007686

ISBN-13: 9780441007684

From Bram Stoker Award winner and Nebula and global fable Awards finalist Nina Kiriki Hoffman comes a singular of 2 younger those that stay outdoor traditional reality-and who're approximately to find life's striking possibilities..."A consistent excitement to learn. Hoffman's most sensible and so much whole novel to date."-Locus"Hoffman reworks a well-known define with clean outstanding principles and enormous flair."-Kirkus studies "An attractive story, informed with nice ability, choked with attention-grabbing characters."-The Davis firm

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She placed her hands palm up on her knees, He took something from his kit, placed it in the palm of his left hand, murmured some words Matt didn’t catch, and rubbed his palms together. Dark dust sifted down over Matt’s open hands. For a second small blue diamonds flared in the centers of her palms. She gasped, glanced up at Edmund. “Huh,” he said. ” He slid his hands across each other a couple of times. “What was that? ” Matt asked, holding her hands out to him. ” She didn’t know if she wanted it taken off.

He sighed. “I do want to go there, but I’m not ready to do it without a guide. Susan was there. She knows what happened. Maybe she can tell me. ” He glanced down at his hands in his lap. “And if it scared me, who knows how she felt about it? I know how she probably dealt with it: silence. I wonder if she’s all right. I think I better find her, Matt. —and looked up. Inside a nearby wall, water flowed through pipes. Edmund was running a bath. With water that came from long ago? Matt couldn’t work it out; all she knew was that when she had washed her face earlier, hot water came out of the tap in the sink.

His fingertips felt cool on her skin. “So much stuff we haven’t talked about yet. ” “Good. I’m not talking to your stuff, mostly. ” She climbed to her feet. “Okay. ” She dropped down again. “You sure? ” “I don’t know. ” She settled and waited. Not much for her to connect with out here—rocks shaped by sea, scoured by sand; things lived on them, natural, nonhuman things; waves responding to wind and weather half a world away. All she could really connect with were her own clothes, and maybe Edmund’s.

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A Red Heart of Memories by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

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