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Get A Short Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry: In a Normalized PDF

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By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

ISBN-10: 1442651865

ISBN-13: 9781442651869

The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the total corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as generally necessary as attainable for the overall pupil of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Extra info for A Short Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry: In a Normalized Early West-Saxon Orthography

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Journey (366) faéringa av. av. firm(ly), fast (372) ^gangol aj. sg. stinginess (771) ^raed aj. firmly resolved (174) ^steall aj. suff. firm in, fixed in (372) faestan / fasten; establish; commit, entrust: be^ fasten; establish; commend: o}>~ entrust, commit to another; inflict: aet^ fasten, fix; afflict (372) faestan / fast; expiate by fasting; abstain from (7) faesten (~) n. fastness, safe retreat, stronghold, prison (372) faesten (~) n. fast; abstinence (7) faestnian II fasten, secure (372) 3ealg-treo faestnung (~a) /.

Hinge (1) 3e-heort aj. courageous (242) -heort stiff, -hearted (242) heorte (heortan) /. heart (242) heort-léas aj. sg. sword: pref. sword-, battle-, death-, etc. sg. falcon, hawk (1) heorj? (heorSas) m. sg. interior of a hall (2) 31 her her av. here (280) here (hersas) m. armed force, multitude (63) here-líó aj. sg. sg. hatred, hate (75) hetlen aj. hostile (75) hettend (—; —e) m. sg. frog (1) hider av. sg. hay (8) hie(3)an / exalt; worship (492) hiesan / hold (a meeting) ; perform, keep (a fast) ; carry out, achieve (12) hiehst see héah híehjm (híehj>a)/.

Flight (to safety) (31) ^-rnaesen (~) n. quintuple (magic) flean [ < *fleahan < *flahan] (flóg, ó, a) 6 power (1596) flay(l) ~ta aj. sg. fifty(24) fléogan (fléag, flugon, o) 2 fly; flee (123) fif el (~) n. (sea-) monster (4) fléoge (fléogan) /. sg. sg. fly, insect (123) fléon (fléah, flugon, o) 2 flee, escape, findan (fand/funde, u, u) 3 find, disavoid; put to flight: ofer~ flee from cover, meet; arrange, devise, invent; (123) experience, find out; seek out; visit: fléot (^as) m. raft, vessel (34) ~(aet) obtain from, prevail upon: a~ fléotan (éa, u, o) 2 float, swim, sail (34) experience, sense: on^ find out, per- fléow see flówan ceive; experience; get, obtain (148) flett (~) n.

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