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A Taste for Passion (Book 1) by Patrice Michelle PDF

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By Patrice Michelle

ISBN-10: 1843605694

ISBN-13: 9781843605690

Rana Sterling eventually reveals the guy of her desires and BOY does he understand how to push all of the correct buttons. simply, Mr. Tall, darkish and Too-Good-to-Be-True seems to be simply that; he is a true dwell, fanged vampire! Lucian Trevane has an obligation to satisfy. he is anticipated to take the position of Vit?, chief of the vampires in 3 days. yet he understands he will not take the placement with out his spouse through his part. Now, after seventy years of attempting to find his reincarnated fianc?, he ultimately unearths the girl of his desires in Rana Sterling. Rana could reply to his lovemaking, yet she refuses to develop into his vampire spouse. as though their lives aren't advanced adequate, throw in a vengeful vampire, a shock twist, and the actual fact Rana and Lucian cannot deny the robust appeal that exists among them and you have simply stepped right into a style OF ardour.

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If she ever did get to meet the man from her dream in person, she could hear Jack now, taking credit, even from the grave. Yep, got those two together, I sure did. " Lucian came out of his self-induced deep sleep to find Sabryn and his Uncle Vlad leaning over him. Sabryn frowned slightly. "Get up, brother. " Lucian stretched his rested body and gave them a lazy smile. " Sabryn paced away from his bed. "'Tis not normal, you sleep so much, Lucian. You must feed. You must take your place as leader of the vampires in five days.

How she wished her grandfather were here to needle her. Tears streamed down her face. "Well, I wouldn't be driving your damn precious 'Vette in the first place if you were still alive, old man," she muttered under her breath. All the pain poured out in a new flood of tears. Late afternoon sun lit her path as wide-open roads greeted her; dirt flew behind the wheels as the speedometer hit seventy and continued to climb. She shifted to the last gear, reveling at the sense of total control the extra gear gave her.

She moaned and hit the snooze button with her palm. Nine minutes later, the offending noise sounded again. She grimaced and pulled herself out of bed, looking longingly at her novel that had fallen to the floor last night. She'd never been much of a morning person, always preferring to stay up late, reading into the wee hours of the morning. Splaying her fingers against her scalp, she combed through her tangled mass of hair and stared bleary-eyed at herself in the mirror. "Ugh! I need a shower," she mumbled as she drew her hands over her face.

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A Taste for Passion (Book 1) by Patrice Michelle

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