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Download e-book for kindle: Advances in Irish Quaternary Studies by Peter Coxon, Stephen McCarron, Fraser Mitchell

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By Peter Coxon, Stephen McCarron, Fraser Mitchell

ISBN-10: 9462392188

ISBN-13: 9789462392182

ISBN-10: 9462392196

ISBN-13: 9789462392199

This e-book offers a brand new synthesis of the printed study at the Quaternary of eire. It reports a couple of major advances within the final 3 many years at the figuring out of the trend and chronology of the Irish Quaternary glacial, interglacial, floristic and career files. these using the most recent know-how have enabled major advances in geochronology utilizing sped up mass spectrometry, cosmogenic nuclide extraction and optically inspired luminescence among others. This has been commensurate with high-resolution geomorphological mapping of the Irish land floor and continental shelf utilizing a variety of distant sensing strategies together with MBES and LIDAR. hence the time is perfect for a cutting-edge ebook, which supplies a chain of authoritative reports of the Irish Quaternary incorporating those most modern advances.

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2007) and that this results in interglacials being characterised by highly variable durations, climatic structures and magnitude of thermal maxima. In addition to interglacials exhibiting a variety of different climate responses (an ‘intriguing aspect of the ice ages that raises fundamental questions about the Earth’s climate’—Tzedakis et al. 2009) they are also variable in the nature and timing of the recolonisation by biota and in the ensuing succession of biological responses to environmental change.

2012) and onto some of the offshore post-Palaeozoic basins where the relatively weakly lithified sediments may have significantly influenced ice movement and accumulation. This is true especially of the Irish Sea which was the focus of major ice accumulations during the Last Glacial Maximum and probably on numerous occasions before (Chiverrell et al. 2013). Fig. J. Simms and P. Coxon 6 Topography In Ireland a close relationship exists between lithology and topography. Approximately 40 % of Ireland’s present land area is underlain by limestone that, with few exceptions, forms lowlands that seldom rise much above 60 m.

The influence of geological structure on the drainage pattern is even more profound in the south-west of Ireland, in the so-called ‘ridge and valley province’ of Munster (Herries-Davies and Stephens 1978). Several major rivers, among them the Blackwater, Lee, Barrow, Nore and Suir, follow the structural grain of the landscape for significant parts of their course (Fig. 1). Progressive unroofing of the Dinantian limestones from beneath Namurian clastics would have exerted a profound influence on the development of drainage patterns through the Cenozoic (Simms 2004), with elements of the present configuration already established by Oligocene times (Simms and Boulter 2000).

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Advances in Irish Quaternary Studies by Peter Coxon, Stephen McCarron, Fraser Mitchell

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