After Culture: Anthropology as Radical Metaphysical Critique by Mark Hobart PDF

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By Mark Hobart

ISBN-10: 9798139542

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On a cultural reading, the unity of the subject of experience remains as a substrate, otherwise we cannot generalize about the psychic unity of humankind. However now this psychic unity is at once transcended by culture25 and left intact. Culture defines the conditions of representation and the connections in the phenomenal world through which objects of knowledge are produced, while humans all share the same capacities for perception, ratiocination and signification. Culture does more than that though.

Apart from being a treasured tourist asset, it is integral to, and partly constitutive of, the disciplined development of the national spirit (remember the New Order was run by the military) and continued striving towards physical, material and mental improvement. Arts and culture finally emerge contradictorily as both a kind of good to be produced, marketed and sold, and as a necessary and healthy counterbalance in a world increasingly governed by global economic forces. It would be convenient to be able to dismiss Tri Sutrisno’s speech as the sort of gobbledegook generated on a daily basis by the New Order.

This complexity of action was reduced to culture, which ‘was construed as an ensemble of characteristic behaviours, ceremonies, and gestures susceptible to recording by a trained onlooker’ (1988b: 31). The professional ethnographer was trained in the latest analytical techniques and modes of scientific explanation. This conferred an advantage over amateurs in the field; the professional could claim to get 27 My ideas about culture have been worked out over the years in conversations with Ron Inden, who, perhaps not coincidentally, has been a colleague of Clifford Geertz, Marshall Sahlins and David Schneider, three of the most forceful advocates of strong culturalism.

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After Culture: Anthropology as Radical Metaphysical Critique by Mark Hobart

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