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By Jessica Greenberg

ISBN-10: 0804791155

ISBN-13: 9780804791151

What occurs to pupil activism as soon as mass protests have disappeared from view, and adolescence not embrace the political frustrations and hopes of a kingdom? After the Revolution chronicles the lives of scholar activists as they confront the chances and disappointments of democracy within the shadow of the hot revolution in Serbia. Greenberg's narrative highlights the tales of younger scholar activists as they search to outline their position and articulate a brand new kind of valid political task, post-socialism.

When pupil activists in Serbia helped topple dictator Slobodan Milosevic on October five, 2000, they without notice chanced on that the post-revolutionary interval introduced even higher difficulties. How do you definitely stay and perform democracy within the wake of battle and the shadow of a up to date revolution? How do younger Serbians try and translate the strength and pleasure generated via broad scale mobilization into the sluggish paintings of creating democratic associations? Greenberg navigates throughout the ranks of pupil organisations as they transition their activism from the streets again into the halls of the college. In exploring the standard practices of scholar activists—their triumphs and frustrations—After the Revolution argues that unhappiness isn't a failure of democracy yet a basic characteristic of ways humans dwell and perform it. This attention-grabbing ebook develops a severe vocabulary for the social lifetime of unhappiness with the purpose of assisting electorate, students, and policymakers world wide get away the capture of framing new democracies as doomed to failure.

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With each passing generation of youth brigadiers, pioneers, and students, Tito maintained a structured and institutionalized connection to those who embodied revolutionary spirit par excellence. At the same time, defining a split between good and bad forms of youth protest and activism enabled the regime to make clear the limits of critical political discourse and to manage citizens’ expectations of the state. Such distinctions helped set the stage for what a “good” youth politics might look like: altruistic; innocent of the desire for personal political gain; and representative of young people, and by extension, the social collective, more broadly.

Moving forward entailed a rejection of their parents’ idealism and the social crisis it had wrought. The future did not lie with the older generation that had gotten them into trouble in the first place. Where their parents’ generation had been spoiled, they would work hard. 10 As one student activist told me during a long rant about the uselessness of pensioners, the society they (older people) had created (društvo koje su oni stvorili) was doomed to failure because it was grounded in mistaken ideologies.

At the same time, she was savvy about Serbia’s position in the world and often cynical about the possibilities for change. In a striking moment, amid the talk of both the limits and the possibilities for work, Milena sighed in frustration and anger, and she told me that she didn’t want to be hired only because she was cheap labor. As I wrote in my field notes, I was struck at the time by the gap between Milena’s analysis of the situation—after all, we had been talking at length about new inequalities in the context of the global reorganization of capital and labor—and her anger that she might get caught in that structural trap.

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After the Revolution: Youth, Democracy, and the Politics of Disappointment in Serbia by Jessica Greenberg

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