Against Coherence: Truth, Probability, and Justification by Erik J. Olsson PDF

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By Erik J. Olsson

ISBN-10: 0199279993

ISBN-13: 9780199279999

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ISBN-13: 9781435623866

It really is tempting to imagine that, if a person's ideals are coherent, also they are prone to be real. This fact conduciveness declare is the cornerstone of the preferred coherence thought of data and justification. Erik Olsson's new ebook is the main huge and precise research of coherence and possible fact so far. atmosphere new criteria of precision and readability, Olsson argues that the worth of coherence has been broadly over priced. Provocative and readable, opposed to Coherence will make stimulating examining for epistemologists and a person with a major curiosity honestly.

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It is useful to distinguish three progressively stronger claims about coherence and testimonial agreement: 1. Coherence as well as incoherence can be applied meaningfully to cases of testimonial agreement without any category mistake thereby being committed. 2. Cases of testimonial agreement are also cases of coherence. 3. Testimonial agreement is more than just coherent; it is very coherent. Obviously, (3) implies (2). The latter, moreover, entails (1): if agreement among testimonies is properly described as a coherent situation, 8 BonJour adds the following: ‘First, it is extremely doubtful that probabilistic inconsistency can be entirely avoided.

This situation would, just like the Smith–Jones scenario, be represented by h‘Forbes did it’, ‘Forbes did it’i, if the ordered-set policy is adhered to. But, unlike Smith’s and Jones’s agreeing with each other, Smith’s agreeing with himself, albeit on different occasions, would normally not be a noteworthy fact, especially not if, as in this case, the agreement concerns a single simple proposition and not a long complicated story, the details of which may be hard to recall if they have been fabricated.

This set is not a singleton, and so Rescher’s Principle does 9 This is one way of interpreting Shogenji’s recommendation that, for the purposes of coherence evaluation, beliefs should be individuated by their sources rather than by their contents (2001: 150). 18 does coherence imply truth? not apply and we have no reason to believe that (1) is violated. But does (2) hold? Is this set of assertions a coherent set? Let us use Lewis’s own definition (which, I submitted, is relatively unproblematic in the twoproposition case) to settle the matter.

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