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New PDF release: All Madd Wal Jazr Fi Tareekh Al-Islam

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By Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

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That every translator should work only into his/her mother tongue in order to achieve acceptable results.  Translation into a non-mother tongue in translation theory Challenging the traditional Mystification of the native speaker – the translator as owner of the TL The assumption that translators can master only their mother tongue and must therefore translate only in that direction, despite its seemingly eternal and ancient aura, developed rather late in the Western world. In fact, it seems to have been Martin Luther who in defence of his translation for the first time explicitly considered his knowledge of the TL as a decisive advantage over his critics (Luther 1963: 18–22), which led many of his readers to the conclusion that one can translate satisfactorily only into one’s own language.

The neuropsychological evidence generally shows that laterilisation is established long before puberty, at the age of five, some studies even suggest that this may even be as early as the third year, while certain preconditions for lateralisation, like cerebral anatomical and functional asymmetries, are already present at birth (Krashen 1981: 73–76). On the other hand, it is obvious that it takes some years before lateralisation is firmly established and that the important cognitive and affective changes accelerating the development of the ability to learn a foreign language and, at the same time, decelerating the ability to acquire language, happen during puberty.

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All Madd Wal Jazr Fi Tareekh Al-Islam by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

by George

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