Download e-book for iPad: America after Tocqueville: Democracy against Difference by Harvey Mitchell

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By Harvey Mitchell

ISBN-10: 0521812461

ISBN-13: 9780521812467

Mitchell's new research makes use of Tocqueville's Democracy in the USA to check the situation of democracy within the usa in our personal time. First, he addresses tensions within the usa among principles of equality and the yank political process. He then turns to the connection among the program and American capitalism, and analyzes inclusion and exclusion in American existence. ultimately, he asks even if americans have surrendered to what Tocqueville referred to as the materialization of existence, and feature deserted their unique quest and turn into substantially alienated from politics.

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But there was more to be considered. The eighteenth-century debate on America’s future political character drew a deliberate distinction between republican and democratic forms of government. As we may see from Madison’s warnings, it was the problem of ensuring the stability of the polity by a filtering process capable of resisting the gyrations of a democratic majority fluctuating in the winds of public opinion that was most exercising. Calling on the people “would carry an implication of 8 Federalist No.

The failure to concentrate efforts to achieve such a sense was due to the failure of the people to retain the consciousness to “rise above itself” as it did when it sought to create itself as “single and undivided” (I, chap. 18, 423). Thus a lively sense of the creative force of law, a government answering to the needs and desires of citizens (unlike the governments of European nations), and a capacity to move beyond the compulsions of local loyalties constituted the features of a sound democratic civil society.

2, 172–77). An ideal aristocratic society was one of equals for those deemed to have passed the tests of birth and hence of qualité. People of quality, gens de qualité, gens du monde, created an exclusive identity of quality, possessed by themselves alone and denied to others. Pascal, to whom Tocqueville turned, understood the practices of caste well. “It is a great advantage,” he said “to be a man of quality, since it brings one man as forward at eighteen as another man would be at fifty, which is a clear gain of thirty years” (II, Bk.

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