New PDF release: Anthropology and Political Economy: Theoretical and Asian

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By John Clammer

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Wh at is also implied by this, of course, is the absolute methodological centrality ofthe historical approach to economic studies. 36 Political Economy and the Study of Development Secondly, there is the major question of how to set about providing an accurate representation of the socio-economic structuresofthe societies adopted for study by the anthropologist. e. ; the significance of the central role of kinship studies in classical anthropology and of its methodological priority; the question ofthe adequacy ofstructural-functionalism, transactionalism, equilibriumism, and the 'rituals ofrebellion' approach es to the characterisation of whole social formations, including the internailinks between the economy and the other aspects ofsocial structure, especially given their minimisation of conflict, discontinuity of contradictions within the societies they claim to represent.

Iii) The failure to move in any systematic way from the recognition that economics in small-scale societies (as presumably it is in all) is deeply embedded in the other forms of sociallife5 , to an analysis of the actual articulation of such relationships of embeddedness. In 28 Political Economy and the Study oJ Development practice, this particular corner ofthe field has been dominated by a variety of approach es ranging from that of Sahlins: 'A material transaction is usually a momentary episode in a continuous social relation.

Xii-xix. ), Questioning Development in Southeast Asia (Singapore: Select Books, 1977). This exercise I have already attempted for Singapore in my survey, Sociological Education in Singapore (Singapore: RIHED, Occasional Paper, 1984). 3 Concepts and Objects in Economic Anthropology In his Malinowski Memorial Lecture of 1971 Edwin Ardener claimed to have discovered or identified a break, a major discontinuity, between the concerns and methods of the prestructuralist anthropologies and those of the structuralist and post-structuralist ones which have succeeded it, of such a magnitude to justifY the calling of the latter not a mere new trend, but an entire revision of the conceptual basis ofthe subject.

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Anthropology and Political Economy: Theoretical and Asian Perspectives by John Clammer

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